You can contact Audrey by:
email: Audrey Alévina
phone GA: +241 07 61 97 09
phone NL: +31 6 21 89 85 54

Audrey Alevina
Audrey Alevina
Audrey Alévina received two masters in business law and corporate law from the university of Toulouse 1, and completed them by a Master of science in international business Law and management from the Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Sociales (ESSEC ).

She started her career in the legal department of Ernst & Young Gabon before joining PricewaterhouseCoopers' office in Amsterdam and in Dubai.

After 10 years of experience in legal advice and financial audit, mostly gained in banking and energy industry, Audrey Alévina founded Alévina & Partners to advise foreign investors and credit institutions on domestic and cross border transactions.

You can contact Gaétan by:
email: Gaétan Mboza
phone: +241 01 740 836
cell phone: +241 07 07 02 83

Gaétan Mboza
Gaétan Mboza is registered as a CEMAC tax lawyer, and member of the Gabonese legal advisers board.

In central Africa and Gabon in particular, M. Mboza focuses on full range of energy legal services related to major projects and infrastructures. He has an extensive tax experience and has been regularly advising oil and gas producers and service companies engaged in high-level transactions.

Former partner of the legal and tax department of Ernst &Young Gabon, he has assisted, over the past 24 years of practice, major economic actors (private or public) in Gabon.

By co-founding Alévina & Partners, he offers to investors and credit institutions an independent solution and a full range of OHADA legal services.

Gaétan Mboza studied at University of Toulouse 1,where he obtained a DESS degree in Tax law .


Our History

The activities of most economic actors in Gabon is primarily related to the oil and mining industry. The in-depth knowledge of this regulation and its specific tax system require a thorough understanding of financial instruments.

Therefore, it is through many years of financial practice within the audit department of prestigious international consulting firms that our consultants gained the ability to fully understand the mechanisms of all financial structures.

This dual expertise enables the firm Alévina & Partners to detect and anticipate problems encountered not only in the oil and mining industry, but also those inherent to all types of project financing.



To expand our scope beyond the Francophone countries, not only our projects are treated (delivered) in English, but we integrate in it the subtleties inherent to each culture.